Welcome to Worth Pinning.  I live in the best place imaginable for me- surrounded by trails, trees, birds, wild flowers and my family- and I am most myself when I am creating, designing, and exploring the outdoors.  This website is an expression of my passions and a place I go to resource my favorite recipes and share my favorite projects.  I have background in interior design, floral design, and massage therapy.  I am an avid trail runner, hiker, snowshoer, skier, cyclist, swimmer, and yogi.

I get to be the mom to two adventurous kids.  They are my baking assistants, co-party planners, trail seekers, craft project managers, and wellness inspiration.  I keep tabs on all of my projects, here, on Worth Pinning.  I hope you'll pick up a little inspiration for a craft, a recipe or an adventure.

What inspires you?  Find it.  Do it.  Pin it.

Thanks for visiting today!


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