Monday, March 7, 2016

How to Make a Dreamcatcher

I have been drawn to dreamcatchers for many years and this is a project I have had in my head for at least a year or so. My great-grandmother used to sit and crochet doilies for hours. I would watch as the thread moved across her fingers and hooks. She wouldn't even have to look down at what she was doing. It amazed me because I don't have great finger dexterity. Forget about french braiding- I can't figure out what loops where. I've tried to crochet or knit...maybe one day. I knew I wanted to incorporate one of her doilies into a handmade dream-catcher to hang in my bedroom.
I gathered a ton of supplies for this project because I wasn't sure the direction I wanted to go until I got started. I had a 14" doily and 6" doily. I bought a variety of sizes of embroidery hoops to use for the circle of the dream-catcher, various beads, yarn, jute, leather cord, cord end clamps, and ribbon.
 To start, I wrapped the inner circle of the embroidery hoop with the turquoise yarn.
 Next, I threaded each point of the doily to the hoop- spacing evenly as I work around the hoop.
Then, I wrapped 3 of the 4" hoops with more yarn in the color scheme of my bedding.
I found some video tutorials on making a dreamcatcher to figure out the threading of the web.
The web was quite a bit easier than I had anticipated. I spaced the outer loops around the hoop at 1.5" apart on the 4" hoops and then thread through the center until making my way to the middle. If you want to add beads, add before each loop around the center (as shown below).
Using leather cording, I attached beads and feathers to the ends of the hoops. Cord end crimps were the perfect part for attaching the feathers to the leather cord.
 Leather cord and wooden beads attached the dream-catchers to create one large piece. The feathers I used are feathers we have gathered on hikes, so they hold a lot of meaning to me.
I really love how the dreamcatcher turned out and that I made it using my great-grandmother's doily as the focus.
I had moved a few things around the house over the weekend, including some storage pieces from my room to my daughter's room and a nightstand from her room to my room that I felt was too bulky for her space. I made a few other changes around the room-  moving accessories to different walls and removing some all together. 
The framed print above the nightstand reads "Sleep my child, for tomorrow you will move mountains." My kids are named after mountains. For now, the "hello" rests on top of the framed print. Again, it makes me smile as the kids and I often reference it with Adele's song "Hello". Next on the project list is a DIY bed, but I must enlist my dad for help on that one!
I slept really well last night. The view from my bed this morning made me very happy!

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