Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New You- 5 Ways to Bust Through Excuses!

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I'm sharing 5 ways to help you bust through excuses to a new you!  As a fitness professional, I teach up to 14 fitness classes a week- and that's in addition to guiding hikes/snowshoes, swim lessons, cycling, trail running, SUP and more.  At the height of my busy summer season, you might assume I was in tip-top shape.  Not so.  I was gaining weight...and it wasn't all muscle.  I have dropped 14lbs since October and I'm going to share some of my tips in this post to help jump into this new year as a new you!  The final tip includes two fabulous smoothie recipes using Jif Peanut Powder!

Bust through excuses #1:  Group fitness connects people.  Whether it is accountability or camaraderie, or a bit of both, the people in your group classes help you show up and perform.  Get to know the people in your group classes.  Go out on a limb and introduce yourself!  They'll push you, you'll push them- it's like an accountability committee and you'll have more fun.
#2  We got a group of women together for a moonlight snowshoe the Saturday after Christmas.  The temperatures were in the single digits and that was enough to hide at home under warm blankets, but with the promise of good conversation and good snacks to follow, our fierce group of ladies stomped through the snow and stayed plenty warm.  We decided to schedule a moonlight event each month going forward!
#3  A social media support system is another great way to stay accountable and motivated.  Pick an interest or activity and create a group where you can share workouts, recipes, and plan group activities.  Start your own group page and send out invites- you'll soon have a tribe on your side!
#4  If I wipe my home free of any treats, I am more likely to go mad in the event of a craving and search high and low in every nook and cranny until I find something, anything!  Worst yet, I'll drive to the store to buy something sweet. I do better keeping a small stash of something available.  Just the knowledge that it is there is most often enough to squash a craving that arises. For me personally, I have to cut sugar to lose weight.  It's only the first 2-3 days that are difficult and then it is smooth sailing as cravings subside.
#5  My last tip is to keep ingredients on hand to make wholesome snacks readily available.  For me, that means always having fresh fruit on hand.  Bananas, berries and leafy greens are staples in my kitchen for fresh smoothies.  I have a couple of smoothie recipes to share with you today.  The first recipe is a Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie- perfect for all ages (and those who may turn their noses up at green things).

Have you spotted the new Jif Peanut Powder in the peanut butter section at Walmart?  Check out the top shelf.  Jif Peanut Powder has 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter- with no added sugar or salt, like competitors- perfect to help you stay on track to a new you!
 My smoothie base of choice is Silk Almond Milk.  You can find it in the refrigerated dairy section.
 Recipe for Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie:
1 cup of Silk Almond Milk
1 banana
3 T Jif Peanut Powder
1 scoop Protein Powder
Strawberry fruit spread to swirl on the top
Add your liquids, fruit and then powders.  Blend.  For a frozen smoothie option, add ice or freeze your banana.
Swirl the strawberry fruit spread on the top.  Add fresh strawberries to garnish, or you can blend some fresh strawberries in the smoothie.
The next smoothie is what I call the Blue Green Smoothie; packed with blueberries, spinach, kale, chard.
Blue Green Smoothie Recipe:
1 cup of Silk Almond Milk
1 banana
1/2 cup Fresh or frozen blueberries
3 T Jif Peanut Powder
1 handful of fresh leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard or a mix of greens)
1/4 t ground cinnamon
 Add your liquid base first.  Then add your fruit, followed by the Jif Peanut Powder.
 Add your handful of greens and top with the ground cinnamon.
 The Blue Green smoothie is a great way to start your day with a big dose of antioxidants and protein.  Jif Peanut Powder has the same amount of nourishing protein as peanut butter, but with 85% less of the fat. Enjoy 8 grams of protein in each serving of Jif Peanut Powder!
Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes that call for peanut butter?  How could you use Jif Peanut Powder in your routine to a new you?  Let me know what you come up with!

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  1. I'm returning to my group fitness classes after recovering from surgery. I've been off my foot for 2 months so I feel like I'm starting at square one but a start is a start! The Blue Green smoothie looks so delicious I may need to add this to my new (again) morning routine! YUM! (client)



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