Thursday, November 26, 2015

Glenn the (Traveling Gnome) Batman Minion Cake

My friend Susan found this cake in the middle of the summer and posted it to Facebook saying "I want this cake for my bday cake!!!" I commented and we made plans to make the cake for her birthday in November.  A few days before the big day, I sent her a message asking if she still wanted to make the cake.  Yes!  She'd come over the afternoon of her birthday.  I baked the cakes the night prior so all we had to do was decorate the Batman Minion cake.  But will a knife ever be able to piece the superhero persona of this cake...

The design of the cake goes to Juniper Cakery.  I usually document the whole process of making/decorating stuff on for WorthPinning, but this isn't my cake to share and full credit goes to Juniper Cakery.  You can follow them on Facebook here.
Our friend Cynthia joined in on the fun and I showed the gals how to mix fondant and gave them the task of mixing the coloring into the fondant.  The point of the post isn't to show the process.  It is to show the result and the cake that keeps on giving...
The day after his birth day, Susan posted this to Facebook:
She didn't cut into the cake??  Nope.  She said "I'm keeping him."  
Day 3, Batman Minion cake has found his forever home.
 Day 3 turned into Night 3:  Movie Night.
Day 4:  Hot Cocoa after a day of skiing.  Batman Minion cake was bummed that Susan was out of marshmallows, but Cynthia reminded Susan... "If you'd EAT the damn cake you'd remember that the FONDANT was made of marshmallows"
 The comments were truly becoming the best part of this traveling gnome cake. 

Day 5:  Batman Minion cake needs arms to do downward dog for yoga.  Susan requests fondant arms...which is funny because I know these ladies from yoga. looks as though she got the cake a special size of yoga mat, too.  He also needs a name and was named Glenn on this day.
 Day 6:  Still not lights out for Glenn.
Day 7:  Glenn is looking a little tipsy...but it could be the cooking wine.
Day 8...Yes, there is a day 8.
Day 9:  Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you have friends in your life like Susan who make you smile and build you up.  I hope you have friends like Cynthia who encourage you to get the most of life and just eat the damn cake. I hope you have friends like all of those commenting on the Glenn posts because they are fun and entertaining and we've all shared a ton of laughter over this silly little cake.  It's not so much the content of what we post as it is all of the comments that keep us engaging and sharing our lives with others, right?

I hope you find a little something extra to make life a little more light-hearted and fun.  Squeeze the people you love a little tighter and be thankful for all that we have/do/are because we are always ENOUGH.  I'm sure THANKFUL to have surrounded myself with people who add this much abundance to life.

What do you think?  Will Glen make it all the way to Christmas??

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