Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fanta Fangs and OREO Spiders

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One of my favorite things about Halloween is spooky snacks.  Here are a couple of additions to your spooky food spread for your next Halloween party:  Fanta Fangs and OREO Spiders.  Check out these two treats below, and see more fun spooky treats at the Spooky Snack Lab.

 If you want quick and easy additions to make your party crawl, head to Walmart for a few supplies.  First stop, the beverage aisle for Orange Fanta soda.  You can find Fanta in 12, 20 or 24-pack cans, 8-pack mini cans and/or 2-liters.
 I picked up the 8 pack mini cans- great size for a party table.
Next, I found this red vampire fang silicon mold in the Halloween seasonal asile with all of the Wilton baking products.  I like picking out these silicon molds when I find them because they can be used for ice, baking and candy making.
To make the Fanta fangs, add water to just the lower teeth part of the silicon mold- leaving room at the top for the gums.  Freeze.  Remove once frozen and add the orange Fanta (I added a drop of food coloring) to top off the gums of the fangs:
 Freeze again and then remove the ice fangs from the mold.  That's it!
 The next spooky treat is going to be made with OREOs and black candy melts.  You can find a wide variety of OREOs in the cookies aisle.  Our new favorite is the Brownie Batter OREOs.
We also picked up a package of 30 pouches of Fun Snacks Mix.  We don't get many trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood, so 30 pieces is about perfect.  It's also a good amount to take for a classroom party.  Keep a lookout for the Glow-in-the-dark OREO 30ct 2 cookie packs, as well.
 Here's what you'll need for the OREO spiders:
Warm the candy melts until melted smooth.  Place in a Ziploc bag and snip one corner to pipe the candy melts onto wax paper.
 Pipe 8 legs and large glob in the center to place the cookie:
 We made large and mini spiders:
When the candy melts set, they will easily peel away from the wax paper.  I waited approximately 10 minutes.
Of all of the parties that we create, the Halloween ones are our favorite.  Both projects will only take a few minutes of your time, so you can get on to celebrating Halloween.
Evette Rios, host of the CBS show Recipe Rehab is creating custom, Walmart-exclusive recipes that combines both Fanta and OREO products. These recipe are hosted exclusively on the #SpookySnacks social hub.  <------  Check it out by clicking the link!

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  1. I love these simple yet very creative ideas for Halloween! The spiders are just adorable and how spooky fun to have fang Fanta ice cubes. Love it. #client



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