Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Power Packed Lunches with Easy Turkey Roll Ups

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Wow- middle school has hit full force and my children head straight to fall sports practice each day during the week.  If they haven't had enough to eat for the day, they come up resembling the Hulk more than their sweet selves.  It's too long of a stretch to go from lunch hour to 6:00 or 6:30pm, so I called in reinforcement from several well known heroes.

Surprisingly enough, I found the heroes down the breakfast foods aisle at Walmart.  Check out the new MARVEL Chewy Granola Bars!
 My children have always packed their own lunches, but I've been packing an extra lunch box of snacks for after school, before sports practice.  I even included one left over mini cupcakes and decorated it like Spiderman.  You can check out the Spiderman cake I made a few months ago for my nephew.
 They really love the granola bars and I wanted to include some protein and fat, so I've been making these turkey/string cheese/avocado roll ups.
 No heavy bread to weigh them down and they can easily makes these for themselves now.  Take a slice of turkey, place a string cheese in the middle and add some avocado.  Roll and done!
Fruits, vegetables/hummus, sea salt gluten free crackers (good to have some salt intake in the hot afternoon sun), turkey roll up and MARVEL Chewy Granola Bars.  Two granola bars tuck nicely beneath the turkey roll ups.
These snacks have been a real hit and a real help in keeping my children fueled for hot 2 hour practices.  What I like best about the bars is that the sizing is larger than the typical chewy granola bar, so it is more filling.
I've noticed a big switch in my children's eating habits.  Eating is certainly a every 20  minutes!  I think they're all crawling to get to food!
With super heroes like Captain America, Spiderman, Ironman, Black Widow, Thor, and Hulk behind you, it's easy to make the tackle!
What kind of lunch and snacks do you have ready for your children when they turn hungry?  Try the 40% larger MARVEL Chewy Granola Bars!

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  1. LOVE that idea with the turkey roll-up and never would have thought of that! I should do that for my own lunches! Thanks for sharing - love these ideas #client



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