Monday, September 14, 2015

Dress Up Your Snacks!

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Today, we have a fun craft project to dress up your Go-Paks! snack cups for a party, Halloween or plain ol' after-school fun.  Top the lid of your mini Chips Ahoy with a yarn puff Cookie Monster.  Add a felt banana peel to your mini Nilla wafers.  Drape a Dracula cape around the shoulder of your Nutter Butter bites.  Snack time just got a big heaping of craftiness on top!

 Follow us to Walmart for all of the supplies you'll need.  You can find the Go-Paks! near the check-out in this big $1 bin.
 Head towards the grocery produce (or cold dairy section) for a can of Reddi-wip.  The Snack-Pack® pudding cups can be found next to the gelatin.
Crafting supplies:  blue yarn, red, black, yellow, and tan felt, white puff fuzzy puff balls or white ping pong balls, hot glue gun/glue sticks, scissors.  As you can see below, we sketched out our ideas for the Go-Pak! toppers:
 Wrap the yarn around your hand about 20 times or to desired fullness.
 Remove the looped yarn from your hand and tie in the center with a piece of yarn.
 Cut the looped ends:
Trim any long strands, as needed.  For the eyes, you can use white puffs or white ping pong balls.  Glue together and add a small black circle cut from on of the pieces of felt.  Glue to the whites of the eyes and glue the eyes to the top of the blue yarn puff.
Cut an oval for the mouth from the black felt.  Fold in half and add a small line of hot glue in the center to keep a fold.  Secure to the blue puff with a dab of hot glue.
 Place a mini Chips Ahoy cookie in the center of Cookie Monster's mouth:
Banana peel topper:  glue the tan felt and yellow felt together.  Cut out the following shape:
 Fold the top part of the banana to form the fruit.  Secure with hot glue.
 Grown up alert:  hot glue burns.  Keep out of reach of kids.
Add a small tube of yellow felt with a black top for the top of banana with stem.  You can turn the peeled sections and secure to the container with glue.
Dracula cape:  glue red and black felt together.  Cut the sides at an angle (so the top edge is more narrow than the bottom edge).  Secure to the base of the lid with hot glue.
 Add two triangle shapes of black felt for the neckline.  Add a red bow tie from red felt.
 Cut out a crown shape for the back of the cape and secure below the lid:
The Dracula Nutter Butter Bites are all dressed up and ready to be dressed up.  Below, I'll show you how to turn the Go-Paks! into layered desserts!  Grab your Snack Pack® Pudding and Reddi-wip!
I used a couple of mason jars so you could better see the layers, but you can do the same dessert right in the Go-Pak plastic cups.  The good thing about the packaging is that the cups are half-full so you have room to add your toppings.
 Layer with Snack Pack® pudding, mini Go-Pak! cookies and top with a tall swirl of Reddi-wip!
 Dracula is the perfect costume to flip the lid, top with Snack-Pack® pudding.  The back of the cape is the perfect backdrop for the swirl of Reddi-wip.  Add a few sprinkles to finish off!  Slice some bananas and add some vanilla pudding under the lid of the Nilla Wafers!  Mmmmmm....
What other costumes can you think of to go along with the varieties of Nabisco Snack Go-Pack! treats?  Red Elmo on top of the Nutter Butter bites?  Same instructions, but in red yarn.  Sun beams on the top of the Nilla Wafers?  Candy corn out of felt?  Ask the kids for their creative ideas!

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  1. How adorable! I love these super creative toppers. So fun for the kids after school. #client



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