Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Potluck at Home with LEAN CUISINE®

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When my kids compare my cooking to Grandma's cooking, they'll say something like, "But you don't really make full meals like Grandma.  Grandma makes lot of stuff at the same time and you only make like 2 or 3 things."  I'm okay with that comparison.  At their ages, my sister and I were making half of the family meals each week and we didn't make the "full meals" the kids speak of at Grandma's house.  Grandma is a tough act to follow, but it's nice to remember that she our help growing up and one day I might be retired, too!  In the meantime, come see my creative way to give the kids a whole smorgasbord for dinner...

 A day in the kitchen preparing dish after dish vs. a day spent with Mother Nature?
Mother Nature almost always wins.  Sunday, we tried a little something different.  My daughter loves frozen foods from the grocery store.  She likes to eat about every 20 minutes, so I have no problem stocking the freezer with easily accessible meals.    
She recently spotted the attractive new LEAN CUISINE® Marketplace meals in the Frozen Food section at Walmart.  Sweet & Spicy Korean-Style Beef, Chicken with Almonds, Vermont White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese...
She asked how many she could pick out and I let her go for it.  I really like that there are gluten free options like the Korean Style Beef and Cheese & Bean Enchilada Verde.  My sister and niece have to eat gluten free, so it helps to have a few frozen options for them because my kitchen is too contaminated with flour from all of the non-gluten-free baking at my house.
After returning from the hike, we began to warm the meals.  All the Italian pasta selections plated together...
 The rice dishes plated on individual plates.  I really like the portion sizes.  Not too much, not too little...just right!
The Korean-Style Beef was all of our favorite dish.  The beef was tender.  The brown rice was fluffy. Not only is it protein packed AND gluten free- it was so good we all agreed we'll buy it many more times!
Check out the new menu of Italian fare- easy to dress up with a few cherry tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.  Doesn't it look like I spent the day in the kitchen??  They plate as beautifully as the packaging.
 Luckily, no...and we still had time to get back outside and play before the sun went down.
 Bonus- cleaning up after dinner was a snap!
Clearly, I don't normally make 7 different things for dinner, but this was a fun little at home potluck to try different varieties of the new dishes from LEAN CUISINE®. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality ingredients, organic varieties, gluten free varieties, the flavors and ease of presentation.
The kids loved the presentation and variety (did not mind at all that it wasn't homemade) and couldn't wait to pull up a chair and eat from each dish.  There are more flavors yet to try and we will try them!  Be sure to pick up a few more selections at Walmart and let us know what you think of the modern Marketplace LEAN CUISINE®.  Look for the special offer June 14-28 in the Superfridge!  Follow LEAN CUISINE® on Twitter @LeanCuisine, on Pinterest, & on Facebook.

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