Friday, April 24, 2015

MARVEL's The Avengers Movie Party

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With the release of MARVEL's The Avengers: Age of Ultron less than 2 weeks away on May 1st, we decided to host an Avengers Party for a group of Avengers-loving kids.  This is a great party for a birthday or just to get a group of rowdy boys together to act out their best super hero scenarios at the tail end of Spring Break.  We've got an Ironman Head Fruit Platter, Thor Brownie Hammers, Captain America Cookies, Hulk Muscle Pudding and more!  Check out the entire party detailed for you...

I headed to WalMart to get all of the party supplies.  This was an easy one-stop-shop with decoration in the party supply aisle, movie posters over by the office supplies/crafts, movie section and grocery aisles.
You can look up all of Walmart's Avengers supplies by clicking the link.  I found a nice variety of food/drink with The Avengers on the packaging:  Cheez-Its (stamped with Avengers symbols), Captain America Cool Ranch Doritos, Hulk Doritos, Ironman Nacho Cheese Doritos, Dr. Pepper sporting Ironman, and more! 
I've never set up a party using my entry table, so I cleared the entry accessories and started placing the Avengers party supplies:  Avengers tablecloth (used to skirt the table), Avengers door hanging, Avengers 8pk masks, Avengers erasers, Avengers plates & cups, the Original Avengers movie,  Captain America movie, Ironman trilogy, Hulk movie, Avengers toys - galore!
 I trimmed the two $5 movie posters 17"x17" and taped them to the front of my framed photos.  Easy decor that packed a big punch!
Speaking of packing a big are the Hulk lemon and marshmallow pudding cups served at the party.  
 2 simple steps- empty the lemon pudding into a bowl and stir in blue food coloring to turn it green.  Add some mini marshmallows for Hulk muscles.
I found this Hulk head with drawing instructions here.  I added the heads to a page you can click to print for your party:
Next, Captain America cookies!  My sugar cookie recipe is here.  Below, you'll see the supplies needed to create the Captain America faces.  I used an egg cookie cutter for the head shape.  You'll need flesh color, blue, black and white frosting.
 The head wings were make from fondant using the wings off of this heart cookie cutter:
The center Captain America shield is make of fondant that could be used for a cake topper.
 My favorite was the Ironman Fruit Platter.  Start by dicing pineapple, strawberries and a pear.  Wash some blueberries to outline the face so it stands out a little better.  Step-by-step below (left to right):
The secret to the fruit platter is building the fruit up- think 3D!  There are more fruit platter ideas (some of my most popular on my blog)- check out the bunny and chick.  Definitely more cutesy.  Not as cool as Ironman.
 I'd say the Thor brownies were the biggest hit of the party.  I made cookie dough brownies and wrapped them in foil.  The hammer handle is a jumbo Tootsie Roll attached with a toothpick.
 That's half of a jumbo Tootsie Roll and double sized brownie!  It's huge.  Like Thor.
The Avengers Movie playing in the living room.

Avengers Party-Goers!
 The masked men didn't hold back filling up their plates with snacks.
 Those Doritos Jalapeno Hulk snacks (that the boy below is grabbing) are really good.
 Powering up with super hero snacks and watching the Hulk.  My friend Claudia helped with some party prep and rowdy boy party patrol.
 Amazing how calm they *look* in this photo.  
Want more Avengers entertainment?  You can download the Avengers App:  Super Heroes Assemble from itunes and GooglePlay.  Suit up as a hero with your own photo!
I hope you enjoyed the ideas from this Avengers Party as much as the boys enjoyed masking as super heroes for an afternoon of movies.  Awesome ending to a long Spring Break.  How will you prepare your super heroes for the release of the new Avengers:  Age of Ultron movie coming out May 1st?  Come back and tell me!  


  1. This party is great and you did an AMAZING job on those Captain America cookies! WOW! We are so excited to see the movie this coming Friday! My eldest and I are going to see it. We've been watching all of the movies in the Avengers series for the past several weeks, so I'm all primed and ready to go. My son didn't want me asking questions while we watched the movie. :) #client



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