Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Movie Reel Cupcakes

I'm the only year-round female employee and I'm a mom, so I'm the work-mom.  Do you have a work-mom at your work?  I try not to let birthdays and other monumental occasions pass without bringing in some sort of treat.  This year, one slipped away. I don't have birthdays written down anywhere, but I tend to remember when a co-worker mentions "Hey, my birthday is next Thursday."  The next Thursday came and went and I spaced it.  Don't you hate hearing the following day..."No one even said happy birthday..." like Eeyore from Winney the Pooh?  Argh...

I wanted to make up for it the following week, so I made these movie reel cupcake toppers with the left-over fondant from the Spiderman cake.  For the toppers, I cut circles with the cupcake frosting tip and then used a Wilton #5 tip to punch out the holes in the sides of the reels.  Roll red fondant and cut thin strips for the film.  Wrap the film around in circles and then place 2 sides of the reels (front and back).  That's it!
y co-worker has spent 30 years writing a script for a movie about ski racing.  I've supported him along the way with edits, feedback and did the graphic work for the movie poster.  Bake your favorite cupcake and frost with a cupcake tip. For this swirl patter, start at the outer edge and spiral inward.
His logo has a white and red movie reel so it would be the perfect cupcake topper.
His day job is not at all movie related.  He works on the movie outside of work and is in the stage of trying to get financing.  I'm really proud how far he has come sticking with his dream, so I hope to see it on the big screen one day.
Not everyone knows he has put so much effort towards his passion, so I think these cupcakes made a pretty huge impact...even if they were a few days late.

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