Thursday, April 23, 2015

Frozen Party with Campbell’s® Condensed Soup

It was the perfect weekend for a Spring Frozen party.  Most areas of the country don't have to worry about snow this time of year, but we are on our guard at least through May each year with Spring snowstorms.  With wet/cold/rainy/snowy weather all weekend, we hosted a Frozen Party with Campbell’s® Condensed Soup with the new Frozen label as the feature.
 Come see the cute kids who got to slurp soup, ice cream pies and build snowmen...

 The center of the table is sprinkled with plastic snow, LED snowflakes and cookie wands.  
 The main dish is the Campbell’s® Condensed Soup served with crackers, snowflake cheese and a side of fruit.
The kids were excited to see the table.  I love how half were distracted by the sparkly things and the other two slurped up all of their soup right away.
 What's better on a cold wet day than soup with four little friends???  One of the little girls is holding the Frozen Sugar Cookie wand (below):
To make these cookie wands, mix a batch of sugar cookies.  Recipe can be found here.  Roll the dough and cut 2 snowflakes for each cookie.  Place a long wooden skewer between the cookies and bake.
Be careful removing the cookies off the cookie sheet and all the cookies to cool so the stick sets up firm.  Decorate the cookies.  You can check out more snowflake cookie decorating here.  After the icing sets, you can decorate the wand with ribbon.  I used a 1/2" sparkly paper ribbon.
 Adhere with a dab of hot glue and then tear the ribbon into 3-4 sections up to the top.
The wands were a party favorite (and party favor).
Behind the kids is a "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?" Station.
Everything they needed to build Olaf out of marshmallows:  jumbo marshmallows, regular marshmallows, pretzel sticks for his arms and twiggy hair, candy eyes, candy corn noses (always smart to keep some extra candy corn each year after Halloween so you have it when you need it when it's not October!).
 Marshmallows are easy to craft- just pinch off where you need it to be sticky.  We used some toothpicks to hold the body together and pinched off places for the eyeballs, nose, and buttons.
 Does it get much cuter??
 She looks just like Elsa with Olaf in the Frozen photo behind her!
What's a Frozen party without a frozen treat?  Ice cream pie in the single-serving kid version and larger adult version with chocolate toffee topping.
 You can find ice cream pie instructions here.
 I think this little Elsa liked it!
 We ended the party with a little coloring.
You know the best part about this party?  It was a "just because" party.  No occasion.  No gifts to buy/wrap/deliver.  Just a Frozen Sunday afternoon with friends.  Soup is a super easy kid entree.  Heat and serve!
Are your kids crazy about Frozen?  Look for the new Frozen labels on Campbell’s® Condensed Soup and plan your own rainy day "just because" party.  You can find it in the soup aisle at the grocery store or big box store for $1.79 for a 10.5 oz. can.  Two cans was plenty for this tiny crew.
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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