Monday, March 2, 2015

Yoga Cake

Yoga is a big part of my life.  So is my mom.  I started teaching yoga 3 years ago and my mom takes my classes.  Here, I have her in one of her favorite poses: Agnistambhasana or Double Pigeon/Fire Log.  She often jokes in class, "How come I can't do anything else, but I can do this pose?"  She blessed me with her open hips, attention to detail, and deep caring.  She spends most days piecing together the most beautiful quilts, so I wanted to work quilting into her cake, as well.

I had modeling chocolate left over from my son's snowboarding cake, so I warmed it until it softened again and started building the framework of the seated yogi.
I've only used modeling chocolate 2 other times.  It felt like carving into wax and was a little more brittle than using it as a fresh batch.  See how to make it here.
 The face is sculpted with a sharp tool and painted with food coloring.
Okay, I'm sure she doesn't wear that much eye makeup.  Good thing using food coloring as watercolor- a dab of water brushes the color away.  She can also fold all the way to the floor, but then you wouldn't see her face at all.
For the cake, I baked two 6" rounds.  I made fondant and then scored the quilt pattern with a quilting fondant tool.  The quilt pieces were cut with a square cookie cutter and then cut in half to finish the bottom of the cake.
 I placed gold sugar pearls at the quilting seams and piped white stitching around the quilt blocks.
My mom turns 65 today and I just took the cake over to her house to surprise her.
Happy Birthday Mom!
I'm so lucky to have her so close to hOMe.

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