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"Pudding All of Your Eggs in One Basket" - Pudding Cup Party

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The pudding cups are definitely the star of this Easter themed party.  We have some easy-to-create recipes to help you take your plain snacking pudding cups to WOW this Easter.  These are perfect to serve with Easter brunch or even school parties.  Grab some pudding cups, a few ingredients and let's work on pudding all of our eggs in one basket!

My kids have been snacking on Snack Pack Pudding Cups since they were toddlers.  The pudding cups are a quick and convenient snack option with easy open lids, as much calcium as an 8oz glass of milk and does not require refrigeration. We set up this Easter themed pudding party table with some easy-to-create recipes to share with you today.
I noticed the new Super Snack Pack pudding cups at the end of the baking aisle at a late night trip to Wal-Mart the other night.  "Super" is like double the size of the regular packs- which is great!  Now that my kids are 10 & 12, they often eat 2 pudding cups at a time.  Heck, I sometimes eat more than one pudding cup for a serving.  Here's a SnackPack Coupon for you at Wal-Mart!
The first easy-to-create recipe is for the buried bunnies.  I was inspired by these cupcakes I made a few years ago from the Hello Cupcake cookbook.  I made two versions of the bunnies; one candy coated white to look more like the traditional white Easter bunny and a tan bunny with the Nilla Wafers in their natural state.
You'll need chocolate SnackPack Pudding cups, Mini Nilla Wafers, regular Nilla Wafters, mini marshmallows, white candy melts, coconut and frosting.
Melt the candy melts (I used marshmallow flavored) and place Nilla Wafers on a cooking rack so the candy melt can drip down the sides of the wafers.  As you see in step 3 (below), you can be sloppy.  Step 4, lift and tap the cooling rack on the counter a few times.  This evens the candy coating and leaves a nice smooth layer.  Step 5, repeat on the Mini wafers.  Let the candy coating set until firm (10-15min).
I placed some shredded organic coconut in a Ziploc with several drops of green food coloring.  Shake the sealed bag until evenly coated green.
Peel back the tops of the pudding cups and place green coconut as shown below:
Place a large Nilla Wafer and two Mini Nilla Wafers.  Add a mini marshmallow bunny tail and pipe pink bunny feet pads with pink frosting.  I place the frosting in a Ziploc and snip a small corner of the bag to use as a piping bag.
The decorations for this table set-up are simple, yet add a vibrant punch of spring color.  This is paper Easter grass.  I made the pendant banner for my mantel last year and the egg wreath is a clearance item from last year.
Next, the instructions for the sheep pudding cups using the Vanilla Super SnackPack Pudding Cups.
The sheep heads are made from gumpaste.  You could also use fondant, pink Starburst (or other pink taffy) or even a big pink jelly bean.  Insert a toothpick at the base of the head to insert into the marshmallow topped pudding cup.
Piped facial details:
Peel back the pudding cup tops, pile on the mini marshmallows and insert the edible sheep head:
We placed a can of ReddiWip next to the spoons as a little extra to top the pudding cups.  ReddiWip is always a kid crowd favorite.  The party favors are plastic Easter bowls the perfect size to hold a regular SnackPack pudding cup, some mini jellybeans, licorice and a spoon.
The bluebird cookies in the baskets with eggs were the perfect addition to the party to dip into the pudding cups.
My son likes the chocolate pudding cups and my daughter is the vanilla fan.  I like both.  How about you and your kids?  Let the kids get in on the fun of making these cute little animal pudding cups.
I couldn't resist on the title of this post.  How are you at "pudding all of your eggs in one basket"?  Want more Easter ideas?  Check out my Easter Pinterest Board or like WorthPinning on Facebook.

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