Monday, February 9, 2015

Snowboarder Cake Topper

I've decided that I like using modeling chocolate for sculpting figures.  The weight of the modeling chocolate make it a bit easier to create a sturdier standing figure.  Sturdy is important for a snowboarder figure.  While the snow isn't a good indication of winter around here, we're still in the thick of ski season, so my son wanted another snowboarder cake this year.  Last year he wanted to be sailing off a jump. This year, he wanted to be skimming across a rail.

To make the modeling chocolate, follow the instructions from this post.  I used the colors in his gear this year.  He has a pretty cool Grenade Flight Deck ski coat and bright blue pants.  His board is bright green, orange and black.
As you work with modeling chocolate, keep working it in your hand to soften.  I found the best way to secure some parts were with a dab of melted chocolate.  It cools and hardens quickly so it should set within a minute or two.
 Almost done- still needs trim around bottom of the jacket, boot bindings and legs trimmed up a bit.
 The cake and the birthday boy:
I busted him out of school a few hours early to go take a few afternoon runs.  When the lifties scan your pass, it sings happy birthday.  It's pretty fun how they make a big deal out of skiing on your birthday.  One of the gals handed him a birthday pin.
He's a pretty rad kid.  He's very independent and spends most days on the mountain shredding solo.  Today, he stayed with me- launching out of the trees in front of me, spinning 180s and 360s.  He's fun to watch.  Happy 12th, kiddo!

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