Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yoga + Art

This is pretty much my definition of the perfect evening:  an hour of yoga followed by a canvas painting party.  There's my mat all set up first thing this morning to teach Saturday morning yoga and share the art we created the night prior.  My mat seemed to be sparkling more than usual after this morning's practice with left over glitter.  Come take a look at the shiny layers of sparkle...

We started with a black canvas rolled with sizing to apply the metallic layer via a pliable metal sheet smoothed/secured with a wallpaper brush.  Then, we peeled away to reveal the silver metallic across the top of the canvas.  The metallic finish is gorgeous.  The trees were added with plaster using the edge of the artist's business card.
Next, we selected a stencil of a word (be, believe, hope, joy, peace, joy to the world, or the symbol om) and dabbed paint over the stencil onto the canvas.
 While the stencil paint was still wet, we sprinkled glitter on top.
I dry brushed a little more teal paint across the canvas and then we added another coat of sizing to add some crystal pebbles for texture/snow and opaque glitter for even more sparkle.  Some ladies added a bird or owl to their tree.
Each canvas had its own unique look and they all turned out beautiful.  Big thanks to artist Tara Novak with Terrafaux, Custom Creations, Inc. who also created the gorgeous painting hanging in the yoga studio.
What is your perfect combination for a lovely evening with a group of fun ladies?

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