Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year's Eve Cookies

 I made these cookies the other day- before I tossed out the remaining bare sugar cookies from Christmas.  The Santa heads didn't get frosted and shared in time for Christmas, so I turned their jolly little heads around to create the ball dropping in NYC.

Sugar cookie recipe here.  I like to look at a blank cookie and come up with another use for the design.  The ball drop cookie seemed a perfect fit for New Year's Eve.  Start by frosting the hat pouf and cover with silver sanding sugar.
 Frost the remaining cookie with blue as the backdrop color:
Pipe black silhouetted buildings with yellow and/or blue windows.  This set was made using Ziploc bags with frosting and a little corner snipped for piping.  Not as neat as piped royal icing, but better to sink your teeth into!  Colors of frosting:  white, grey, black, yellow, light blue, royal blue, red,  & white.
 Tweezers are a great tool to place sprinkles on cookies for the finer detail work:
 Here, the sprinkles are the crowds of people lining the streets waiting for the ball to drop:
 An extra ornament cookie made the top of the ball with greater detail:
 Happy New Year!
One year we'll celebrate in New York City, but this year we have big plans out on the mountain town.

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