Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tips for Skiing with Kids

Time for a new ski/snowboard/sled season.  We got our passes, next sized gear for ever growing kids and a demo day on the sledding hill.  We have a few good tips to pass along for skiing with kids...

This guy shreds and doesn't stay with us most of the day on the mountain.  When buying ski clothes, keep brights in mind. The brighter the jacket, pants or helmet, the more visible your kid will be on the mountain and the easier it will be to pick him/her out on a crowded downhill.
Don't leave home without the neck gaiter.  It might seem like a warm enough day, but when weather and wind moves in, the chair ride up can get bitter cold. Slide the gaiter up over your nose and breath warmth.  My daughter and I like Turtle Fur the best.  My son rides with a bandanna tied around his face.

Lunch and hot cocoa can get expensive every day on the mountain, so stuff your pockets with some hand-warmers and packets of hot cocoa or tea (hot water is free).  If your boots are cold first thing in the morning, open your hand-warmers on the way to the mountain and stick them in your boots.  When you arrive, transfer your hand-warmers to your gloves and slip your feet into warm ski boots.
Teach your kids to be safe riding/skiing through the trees.  Kids are drawn to the trees and trees don't move out of the way.  Avoid the trees in early season when stumps and branches aren't all the way buried.  Learn the dangers of tree wells, as well.  Always wear helmets and stay in-bounds.  
Consider moisture wicking base layers to stay dry and comfortable as conditions change throughout the day.  Wear a pack with water, snacks and sunscreen & lip balm (maybe an Advil or 3).  CamelBak has some excellent winter hydration packs with insulated water hose.  Remember to stay hydrated- especially at high altitude!

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