Thursday, October 2, 2014

Yoga Warrior II Cookies

This weekend is the 2nd Annual Yogafest hosted by my local yoga studio.  Three days. 10 classes. Great teachers. Tons of friends.  Wonderful community.  You know how most people look forward to vacation?  This is my staycation.  I look forward to it the same way most people would look forward to a trip to Mexico.  I've been saving these cookies for the occasion...

To make this warrior II cookie, I squished a gingerbread man cookie cutter.  Sugar cookies recipe is here.
Pipe and fill the cookies with a background color.  I added fall leaf sprinkles in honor of the perfect time of year the festival is held.
 The plaque cookie will be hand painted with the festival logo.
 3 colors of flesh tone because this is yoga for EVERY BODY.  Every beautiful shape, size & color!
First, pipe the arms, legs, feet, neck and head.  The heads will be turned somewhat sideways looking over the fingertips.
 Then, have fun mixing colors and piping different colored yoga pants, shorts, tops, t-shirts & hair.
 All posed and ready to go!
 I am so fired up and filled with love and gratitude going into my favorite weekend of the year.  Can't wait to show you what Saturday night brings!
Namaste Yogis!

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