Monday, September 15, 2014

Old West Birthday Party

We couldn't have had a better day for our old west themed birthday party.  I started to re-think our plan as we hauled load after load of props and treats up a steep hillside, but the party was perfect and I wouldn't have changed a thing.
The invitation set the tone for the party...and the time!  Everyone thought it was clever to start the party at 11:55am, the time on the pocket watch.Come see all of the party details...

The wrought iron wall candle chandelier with dangling crystals was perfect to hang on a tree and display cupcakes.  Sometimes I buy something, decide it doesn't work where I thought it would and it sits for a year or two until I figure out the perfect use.  Found it and now finally hung it on a wall in my house after the party.
We'll start with the dessert table.  The S'mores Pops and Chocolate Horse Pops how-to can be found here.  I made the pop stand from a fallen tree.
 The ruffled covered wagon cake tutorial can be found here.
Behind the S'more Pops, a silver beaded platter had a stack of mini peach pies. 
 The mini-peach pie tutorial can be found here.
The other side of the dessert table had hay bale krispie treats.  I didn't do a tutorial because they are pretty straight forward.  Cut the Rice Krispie Treats in a rectangle and make an indent on the sides like the ties around the hay bale.
There are two sets of cupcakes.  The white cupcakes (on the chandelier) are decorated with chocolate frosting and topped with a white chocolate star and emerald sanding sugar.  The other set of cucpakes are colored teal with chocolate frosting, white candy pearls and fondant feathers left-over and stored from the dream catcher cupcakes.
 All of the kids gathered at the base of the hill and then took off to find the dessert table.
 Their eyes were enormous when I told them they could have whatever they wanted.
The mason jars had shimmer gumballs and Hershey's Almond Kisses.  The jars were decorated with a burlap ribbon tied around them.
On to the activities!  The kids were instructed to collect 2 gold coins hanging from small drag string bags near a waterfall, panning for gold, foraging for food, bandits and more.
 They set out to find the coins.  Two coins would redeem for a party favor.
 The bandits were teal bandannas hanging in trees.
 Panning for gold:
 Foraging for food: (you can see the coin bag hanging above the cans of food)
The next activity was building shelters.  The group was broken into 3 teams.  They had 15 minutes to create their structure.  Most kids thought this was the highlight of the party.  It was so interesting how each time had a completely different idea.
One group selected a big sturdy tree and created two platforms for sleeping.  I called them "The Structural Engineers".  Another group focused more on comfort creating an attractive entrance, lounging area and campfire.  They were "The Interior Designers".  The final group did more camouflaging for protection from predators, "The Survivalists".
You can also find tutorials for the table bunting, hanging bunting and teal and burlap rag wreath.  All treats and styling by Worth Pinning.  The final detail we'll share about this party has to do with the party favors.  You'll want to remember this idea for your next birthday party!  For more party ideas, go to the Party Gallery tab at the top of the page.

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