Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Mantel with Rag Bunting

Our 3-day Labor Day weekend was a weekend of cleaning out closets, party planning and decorating for fall.  We managed to combine a few tasks since some of the new decor will be party backdrops at the end of the week.  Total $ spent was $10 on fabric.  Come see what we made...

The polka-dot bunting was made last fall for our Fall Treat Party.  For spring, we made a few new flags with teal and pink and removed the orange.  I started placing the orange fall accents around the house and then decided to keep with the teal/brown/white and cream theme that we'll use for my daughter's upcoming party.  We added the new rag bunting to fill in the extra space and to hang on the clothes pin stained board.
 Cut a small slit in your fabric (about an inch wide) and rip the fabric so you have frayed strips.
 Place the fabric strip as shown:
Take the two ends at the bottom and flip them up and over the string/cord and pull through so it looks like you have a neck tie.  Pull until tight and slide it up against the other tied strips of fabric.
For the wood sign rag bunting, we added some wooden beads.  It wasn't my best idea to make this rag bunting on a chocolate brown shag rug, but I already got started there and decided I'd just pick strings out of the rug for a few days.
 If you're interested in making the board, see full instructions here.
 We had enough fabric to make a wreath, 3 more buntings and ties for the wrapped craft paper party favors.
 I usually swap out the mantels every couple of months, but I liked the spring/summer mantel.  You can see it was an easy swap to make it more antlers instead of flowering branches.
We'll show you the rag wreath in a few more days.  Meanwhile, we have a lot  more party planning to get ready for Saturday...mixed in with cheerleading practices, HOA meetings, Back-to-School night and all of the baking that needs to get done.  At least the props and decor are ready to go!

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