Saturday, August 9, 2014

Colorado Sugar Cookie set

Here is a fun set of Colorado sugar cookies to honor this place that I am so fortunate to call home.  I headed out the door first thing this morning for a solo hike on one of my favorite trails.  This set is going to start big and work small.  From the Earth, to the US, to the state of CO, to the Rocky Mountains.  Come check out the steps to make this cookie set.
I wasn't expecting to be the only person on the trail all morning.  The wildflowers must be peaking. I've never seen so much variety and color on this trail.
Although I'm a CO native, I didn't grow up in the mountains, but I grew up coming to the mountains. I fall in love with this place more and more every day.I don't have a mountain cookie cutter, so I used a crown cutter and a pizza cutter.  The 3rd peak on the cookie is the bottom part of an ice cream cone cutter.
 Before decorating, I used Photoshop to quickly paint the idea I had for the cookie.
 I used a darker green for the mountain in the background and frosted that part first:
 I lightened the dark green frosting with white and then frosted the other two peaks, piped a trail and sprinkled colorful candy sprinkles for the wildflowers.  Each peak got a little snow cap.
 More of the wildflowers on my hike this morning:
I first thought about making royal icing transfers for the C in the Colorado flag, but decided to use frosting instead of royal icing.  Candy melts would work to create the C in the flag.  I drew a template to place under a piece of wax paper.
 Pipe the C by outlining first and then filling.
 The C is a little lumpy, so I decided I'd coat with red sanding sugar while still wet so the flags would sparkle.
 Filling in the middle of the C with more candy melt and yellow sanding sugar:
Frost a white strip across the center of the flag.  I also dunked the white frosted area in sanding sugar.  Frost blue on the top and bottom.  Place Cs.
Template for the globe cookies using green candy melts:
 Same idea:
 Frost the round cookies with blue frosting and place candy melt globe pieces.
 I placed a red candy melt heart over Colorado:
I frosted the United State cookies a tan color as the base and then piped different color roadways to look like a road map.  Also placed a small candy melt heart on Colorado.
 In all of the world...
 ...across the entire United States...
...where the state flag waves blue, white, red & yellow... heart belongs in the mountains of Colorado.
This cookie set was for play.  It has been a while since I made a cookie set.  I don't bake as much during the summer because there are too many trails to explore.  
If you love CO as much as I do, check out the Colorado Flag tie dye shirts we made early this summer.

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