Saturday, July 19, 2014

Camping Breakfast- Omelets in a Bag

Need a breakfast idea for your next camping trip?  These omelets in a bag are a fun way to cook individual omelets with an easy clean up to follow.  I took a group of 12 adults on an overnight hut trip a few weeks ago and this is the breakfast we prepared at 11,200ft.  No one else in the group had ever heard of cooking an omelet in a bag, so they loved the novelty of it as much as the omelets.

We hiked Shrine Trail up to 12,000ft the day prior.  Shrine Trail offers 360degree panoramic views of the Gore Range, Mount of the Holy Cross, Uneva Peak, Ptarmigan Peak and more.  The wildflowers are a little behind season this year with the heavy and late snowfall, but we saw more color the higher we hiked.  After an awesome dinner of chicken marsala, roasted baby potatoes and fresh baked pies, everyone was up bright and early the next morning for breakfast.
You'll need quart size Ziploc freezer bags to boil the omelets.  Crack two eggs into the Ziploc and add your omelet fixings.  Keep in mind that mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers will release more moisture into the bag while cooking and you'll need to increase the cooking time a bit.  I recommend topping the omelet with diced tomatoes rather than adding them into the bag.  Here is a bag with 2 eggs, diced green peppers, diced yellow peppers, bacon pieces, chopped ham, green onions, & jack cheese.
Seal the bag and then squish the ingredients together to mix.  I like to write the name and time on the bag with a Sharpie to keep track of cooking times.
 Place the sealed bag into a pot of boiling water. At 6,000ft,  it only takes about 10-12 minutes to boil the omelet, but at higher altitude, water boils at a lower temperature so the cooking time needed to be adjusted to approximately 22-25 minutes at 11,2000ft.
 Empty the omelet out of the bag and onto a plate and serve.
 We toasted a few english muffins with strawberry preserves and garnished the omelets with more green onions, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, salt and pepper.  Served with a side of fresh fruit.  The omelets cook nice and fluffy.  Delicious!  They all talked about how they'll make omelets in a bag the next time they have overnight guests- especially guest with kids.
Plenty of fuel to get us through the next hike to a 60ft waterfall.
Have you ever tried omelets in a bag?  Try it with your next group of guests.  Everyone has fun filling the bag with their selections and waiting for the omelet to cook.  Empty the boiling water from the pan and you're done with clean up!

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