Sunday, June 15, 2014

Changing Out Light Fixtures

My son had two bulbs out in his bedroom light fixture.  He asked me to change out the bulbs.  I put it off. Then he called for me while I was downstairs.  He was standing on the ladder and holding the dangling light fixture.  He was already apologizing as I explained he shouldn't mess with light fixtures.  I removed the glass dome and showed him the proper way to replace the light bulbs.  I couldn't get the fixture back in place, so I told him I'd call Papa (my dad) and he left for summer vacation.

I found the perfect light fixture for him at Ikea last weekend:  the Ikea PS 2014 Pendant.  I called my dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day and asked when he'd be home and if he could help me install the fixture.  He'd be home in 1.5 hrs.  Surely, I could figure it out in that amount of time.  I flipped the bedroom breaker to off and uncapped the wires to removed the old dangling fixture.
Then I called my brother who worked for my electrician uncle for a summer and wished him a Happy Father's Day and asked him how to tell which was the grounding wire.  I scraped away the white paint covered wires to find the white wire, black wire and copper grounding wire.  I asked if I needed to twist the wires together and he told me to just make sure the fixture wires were a little higher than the wires from the ceiling.  Done.
 I went back to the breaker, flipped the switch and there was light!  Back to the breaker to turn it off again.
 Jammed all of the wires under the plate and secured with the screws.
 Screwed the bulb into place and snapped this piece on top of the bulb:
Began snapping the orange brackets into place (also comes in a minty green).  Looks more complicated than it is...a monkey could do this.
 Snapped the white pieces into place:
 This is the coolest feature of the pendant:  pull the cord down and the pendant closes to dim the light!
 Dimmed light:
By the way...I don't know how I got a Green Bay fan in a family full of Broncos fans, so I bought him the Green Bay sham in Broncos Orange.  Full light:
I'm so glad my dad has always taught me to do things for myself.  I know he'd be there in a heartbeat to help (unless it is a clogged toilet...he drew that line a long time ago), but it's nice knowing I can do it myself.  My son is going to be so happy to return home and see his new light fixture.  He might even keep his room clean.

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