Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Easter Mantel

I have always been drawn to birds.  I could watch birds for hours. I bought these two large wood-carved looking(but ceramic) birds at a local shop in the fall.  When I got them home, I couldn't find the right spot for them.  They were displayed on a high bookcase in the store and everywhere I placed them around my home, they were too low or not the right scale...until we brought this bunny home from Pier 1.

After placing the assortment of small birds around the flowering branches, we decided the mantel still needed some sort of banner.  I already had white, brown and orange drop cloth flags from our Fall Party.  I grabbed the white and the brown and cut more drop cloth to add turquoise and pink.
We took plain clothes pins and added a strip of colorful patterned washi tape.  A round sponge brush makes dabbing the polka-dots really simple.
The colors are perfect to tie in my all-time favorite thing my mother has ever made and she gave it to me last Mother's Day.  You have to see it in person to fully appreciate this stunning quilt.
 The back of the quilt has darling embroidered bird houses, butterflies, flowers and birds.
My mom truly has no idea how much this quilt means to me and how much it means to me that she gave it to me.  She is an absolute gem.
The bunny seems to have been made to go with the birds.  The tall grass around the lifted bunny comes from 3 pots of faux grass from Ikea that we picked up several months ago.  My daughter loves plants and she loves fake plants the most.  The plain black plastic pots are well hidden behind the birch candles and birds.
After Easter, the colorful eggs will be put away and the birds, bunnies, butterflies and quilt will stay in place for summer.

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  1. That quilt is amazing (everything else is beautiful too, but that quilt is truly special).



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