Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pirate Fairy Party Details

Today is the release of Disney's The Pirate Fairy!  We detailed the blue pixie dust cake pops in this post.  Now, the final details:  decorated cookies and cupcakes for the Pirate Fairy Party.

My sugar cookie recipe can be found here.
 Royal icing recipe:  3 egg whites, 1/2 t cream of tartar, 1# powdered sugar.  Pipe and fill the cookies.
For the water droplets, pipe, fill with blue icing and add white highlights while the blue icing is still wet.
 Cracked eggs to represent the animal fairy talent.  We also made feathers, beans, and petals.
 For the Zarina cookie, I turned a bunny head upside down and piped her body and parts of her clothing, then the wings.  After those parts set a bit, I added the legs, arms, hair, sword, etc.
The butterfly cookies were made into fairy wings.  Similar technique to the fairy cookies I made last Spring.  After the icing set, I hand painted the cookies with food coloring and water.
 The treasure map cookie was hand painted, as well.  I started with an antique wash.  The uneven icing texture was intentional to give it more depth and aging.
I painted the details with a darker brown food color and thin brush.
 After the painting dried, I piped a banner similar to the movie poster for Disney's The Pirate Fairy.
 The next morning, I painted the banner and piped the movie title across the banner.
 The map cookies seemed to be everyone's favorites.
 Last sweet:  fairy-sized cupcakes.
 As the cupcakes baked, I colored some fondant green and rolled it out to make fondant leaves.  You can see directions for both the fondant and leaves here.  I hand cut each leaf instead of using the side of a cookie cutter.  You can cut the leaves either way.  The vines were twisted around a pencil for the shape.
Half of the cupcakes were piped with vanilla frosting and sprinkled with yellow sanding sugar to look like gold pixie dust.
The other half of the cupcakes were swirled with straight up Nutella and topped with the fondant leaves and vines.
 A few extras were piped with green frosting and topped with pink sugar pearls.
That wraps up the Pirate Fairy Party.  The backdrop was made using colorful fabrics, Pirate Fairy dolls suspended with fishing line, a toy pirate ship and 3 bunches of tall faux grasses.  A little Easter grass hid the cake pop holders and I included two of the fairy cookies I made last year and kept for display purposes.
Each kid filled their plate with several cupcakes and cookies.  The bite-sized portions were perfect to sample a little of everything without major sugar over-load.

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  1. What a fun table! I love the map cookies. They are the coolest. The Fairy cookies are amazing too. My daughter would love this!



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