Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Brunch - Fresh Fruit & Crepes

Last year, my Easter Brunch playdate was with my daughter.  This year, she stayed in bed most of the day with the flu while my son and I ditched a day of skiing to be home with the sick one.  To make the most of missing a snowy Spring day on the slopes, we made our own Bunny Brunch.  I guess it balances out the special one-on-one time with both kids.

My son insisted we include kiwis on the fruit platter.  The fruit platter (click the link for step-by-step instructions) is a great side dish for kids to help prepare- especially filling in the empty areas.
Although I was encouraging my daughter to nibble on some toast first, she appeared at the table begging for some of the fruit.  We showed her the bunny crepes we created just before she appeared.
If you missed the recipe and tutorial earlier in the week, it can be found here.
This is a photo of the scrambled egg dish she and I created last year.  It goes so well with this bunny themed brunch in case you want to include a bacon/eggs dish.
The homemade whipped cream was served in bowls to the side to use for the crepes and the fruit.  The strawberry stuffed crepes have little square dipping bowls with organic maple syrup.
Dig in!
He ate as many crepes and fruit as his belly could hold, but he turned his nose up at my carrot juice.  I'd say by next year, the Easter Brunch for two will be prepared by the two kids only.  They are quickly taking over my kitchen.  The little bit of competitiveness between them seems to inspire more creativity in what they cook.  He seriously makes the best omelets.  She cleans the kitchen spotless.  What  more could a mom ask for?

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