Monday, March 31, 2014

Pirate Fairy Blue Pixie Dust Cake Pops

Here are the cake pops we made for our Pirate Fairy Party.  The cake pops were easy to decorate and went perfect with the theme of the movie.  Fairy Zarina holds the bag full of blue pixie dust and takes it to the pirates at Skull Island., so we have the blue pixie dust pops and bags full of pixie dust pops.
My niece couldn't wait to try out my daughter's cake pop makers. This is a great little appliance for baking cake pops.  Rather than crumbling a baked cake, smooshing frosting and forming cake balls, the cake pop maker bakes ball shaped cakes.  I think they turn out so much better than mushy cake when you mix the frosting into the crumbled cake.
We filled the batter dispenser with white cake batter and heated the cake pop maker for a few minutes.
 Spray the maker with non-stick spray and then fill each circle with cake batter.  The batter will immediately begin to puff up as the half circles are already heated.  Fill as shown below:
Close the lid, flip the handle around (just like a Belgium waffle maker) and bake for approximately 1min45sec.  Open the lid and remove cake balls.  It takes about 15 minutes to bake approximiately 72 cake balls.
After the cake balls cool, melt some candy melts and dip about 1/2" of the cake pop stick in the candy melt.  Insert the cake pop stick into the cake pop and let the candy set.  This will help secure the cake pop to the stick for easy candy coating.
Submerge the cake pop in the melted candy and then tap the stick on the side of the dish with the candy melt to remove excess candy melt (otherwise it will drip down the stick and make a mess).
 For the blue pixie dust pops, sprinkle with blue sanding sugar while the candy melt is still wet.  The cake pops that were made into the pixie dust bags we only coated with candy melts.
 I colored some marshmallow fondant with blue food coloring.  The marshmallow fondant was left over from another project and stored in the fridge.  I heated it for a few seconds in the microwave and it became nice and pliable again.  I like to use plastic gloves when coloring fondant.  Just grease the glove with a little shortening and the fondant won't stick.  To learn how to make marshmallow fondant, go here.
After the color is mixed in, roll a thin circle piece of the fondant and pierce it with the stick to cover the cake pop.  Gather the fondant around the cake pop and pinch where the bag will come together.  Roll out a thin piece of fondant to make the rope for the bag.  Trim any excess from the top of the pixie dust bag.
We placed the cake pops around the pirate ship my son played with when he was 4 or 5.  So glad to have grandma nearby who stores these sorts of things for the younger grandchildren!
Next, we'll share out Pirate Fairy cookie design and decorating.  Are your kids looking forward to the DVD release of Disney's The Pirate Fairy?


  1. These are great! I could even do the cake balls. May have to try that! Everything looks wonderful, you and your daughter are so talented!!

  2. So cute - the fondant was a great idea. Please consider joining my Light It Up Blue link-up for Autism Awareness:




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