Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Leprechaun Sugar Cookies

I have a nice quality large copper elf cookie cutter in my assortment of cookie cutters. I've baked this elf cookie twice now without ever decorating the cookie.  I look at the cookie and can envision an elf, but I've managed to lose interest before getting to the actual decorating.  This time, I was determined to find a use for the elf cookie cutter.  I trimmed away the top of the hat to make happy little Leprechauns for St. Patrick's Day.

While searching for an image of the copper elf cutter, I discovered some penguins done by Lisa of Barefoot Baker and her friend Johnna.  I laughed when I read they both saw a penguin in the cutter rather than an elf.
 I decided I'd use frosting rather than royal icing.  Cookies with royal icing don't get eaten in my house.  Cookies with frosting vanish like little Leprechauns.  Start with flesh tone frosting for the face.  Pipe orange frosting for the hair, beard and eyebrows.  Pipe more flesh tone for the ears and nose.  Pipe white dots for the eyes and place blue sprinkles in the centers.
 Pipe a black mouth:
Pipe green hats.  I had a bag already prepared with a star tip and just left the tip on instead of using a new one.  Adds a little texture.  Add a line of black for the hat trim and a gold buckle to finish off the hat.
 Next, pipe a white shirt.  Then the green jacket and black belt & shoes.  Then the pants.  Then add sleeves to the jacket:
 Last, pipe hands holding fistfuls of gold coins (aka yellow sprinkles), a belt buckle and a bow tie.
I had about 30min to decorate these cookies before heading out the door and losing my daylight.  I prefer frosting because I can mix the color quickly, place it in a Ziploc, snip a corner and decorate.
Folklore says that if a human captures a Leprechaun, the Leprechaun will grant 3 wishes for his release.  Good luck.  Check out our Leprechaun traps last year here.

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  1. Carrie,
    These are adorable. I love how you used frosting instead of RI. Looks delicious, and it's so much faster and easier. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family!



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