Monday, March 17, 2014

Leprechaun Fun Town

I had no idea my daughter set up a Leprechaun Fun Town on her bedroom floor last night until she asked me this morning why the Leprechauns didn't come last night.  Oh crap.  "Maybe they stayed away because they know I'm recovering from surgery."  I'm usually on top of these things.

I followed her into her room and saw the cute town she set up with games, snacks and prizes for the no-show Leprechauns.
 Even a zipline strung from the top of her closet down to the "town".
My son had a buddy spend the night and they set out a green cupcake.  I had extra chocolate cupcakes from last week, but I had no idea they colored some green frosting and made a shamrock template to sprinkle the top with green sugar.  Leprechauns didn't touch it.  Oops.
I made up for it by making green pancakes for breakfast.  Another neighbor kid ended up at the breakfast table amazed that I'm cool enough to make green pancakes.  Kids are out of school and I took one more day off work for recovery.
If only I could eat the pancakes...

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