Thursday, March 13, 2014

Basketball Cupcakes

We experienced a little March Madness last night for the Championship game for our 4th/5th grade boys' basketball team.  For my final year coaching, this was definitely my favorite group of players.  We had a lot of heart mixed with some solid talent.  After dropping my son off at baseball practice (hello Spring!), I quickly put a batch of chocolate cupcakes in the oven to have ready and decorated by the time I picked him back up from baseball to head to the final game of the basketball season.
These basketball cupcakes are simple to make.  Chocolate cupcakes, orange frosting, orange sugar & black frosting.
Bake your cupcakes and allow to cool.  Spread orange frosting on the tops of the cupcakes and then dunk & roll the tops in orange sanding sugar.  Pipe basketball stripes with black frosting in a Ziploc bag with one corner snipped.
It was a close game, but we led the whole way and won the Championship!  It was a perfect ending to an undefeated season. I passed out team medals naming the "most improved" players, the "most beat up" players (some of those games were full contact), "biggest heart" players, "best team mate" players, "best hustler" players, etc.  Each player happily grabbed a cupcake with their medal.  Fun season!
Here's another basketball snack idea:  Basketball Mini-Quesadillas with Guacamole Dipping Hoops.
Ready to move on to baseball?  Here are some baseball cupcakes from last season:
We've got a lot of baseball on the schedule this Spring with my son making the Majors team this year in a local competitive league.  Glad to be down to one sport.  Thanks to all of the parents who volunteer to coach youth sports and to the parents who haul their kids to practices, games and offer support as spectators as their kids' greatest cheerleaders.  There's nothing quite like building the spirit of a child.

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