Monday, February 10, 2014

Extra Special Valentine's Day Cookies

This is my favorite set of cookies for what they represent and for the hands they'll be delivered to this Valentine's Day.  A week ago, the elementary school sent out an email with an order form to order special valentines for friends or teachers as a fundraiser for a 5th grade field trip.  I was still thinking about the email when I was driving home from work and I posted the following on FB when I got home...

The response was immediate and I loved that half of the likes came from friends I know from Middle School.  Soon, we had organized a donation box at my local yoga studio with a starting donation of $25.  I picked up the donation box today and we collected $78!
I volunteered to make the extra quantity of cookies to make them extra special and to allow more of the $2/cookie to go towards the fundraiser and not cookie costs.
A teacher provided me with 13 names saying, "All of the kids that I named don't have any friends. They may occupy themselves at recess with one or two "friends," but none of those kids would have money or the idea to send a valentine and they certainly won't get one from a parent."
I've asked other kids to help come up with names so we can spread the love wide.  Each kid has lit up eagerly providing a name or two.  We've talked about how to extend friendship beyond Valentine's Day.
I know there are bigger causes out there and much greater suffering, but if we can make a difference in how a few kids feel about themselves and bring awareness to our own kids to include others, I feel like we've accomplished something big.  I hope the kids receiving these cookies feel a belonging and feel more loved.


  1. These cookies are so bright and cheerful; I love them! Such a sweet message too. This post actually choked me up. <3 What a wonderful idea!

  2. As a teacher, I can tell you something like this can make a huge difference in a kids life. Regardless of their circumstances, they will know that someone cares. And that's really all anyone wants, someone to care about them. This is so awesome. Thinking of some of my kids, it brings a little tear to my eye.

  3. Love this lesson of compassion! The cookies are beautiful and no doubt received with lots of smiles. Joan @MyCookieClinic

  4. What a lovely thing! And the cookies are delightful :) Well done!

  5. Hi,
    I am just totally impressed bu you. I have never seen such a beautiful and creative cookies for valentine.
    Thanks for inspiring to make beautiful cookies as same as you have made.

  6. You are an angel! Thank you for "un-doing" a bone headed idea from the school (my opinion!) in such a gracious way! Your kids are lucky to have you - and your cookies are WONDERFUL! You should package them and deliver them to staff at the school EXCEPT for the originator/supporters of the fund-raiser idea. I'll bet this would be the last year for something like that!



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