Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cream Filled Chocolate Heart-Shaped Cakes

When we were kids, we used to sneak away to the Loves convenience store a couple of blocks away from home to buy Hostess Cupcakes (Ding Dongs if they were out of the cupcakes).  I think they were frequently out of the cupcakes thanks to my siblings.   These cream filled chocolate cakes are for my favorite little Ding-Dong...a nickname he hears mostly coming from me or my dad...

I was thinking of my little guy last night and "Heart Shaped Ding Dongs!" popped into my head.  Probably because I was looking at a photo of my 2 year old niece shoving the gingerbread man cake into her whole face and I thought back to a couple of weeks ago when I decided the cakes could have easily been she could have made an even bigger mess and giggled even harder.  So sweet.  Ok, back to the cakes.  Start with your favorite/easiest chocolate cake mix/batter. This mix works just fine.  Spray the heart silicon mold with non-stick spray.  No heart-shaped mold?  No problem, make cupcakes.
I over-filled the molds on purpose so the cake would bake over the tops to be able to cut the tops flat with a serrated knife.  You can trim the tops as soon as they come out of the oven.  Then tip the mold upside down and with a little tug on the silicon, they all fall out.  I only have one mold, so it took 4 times in the oven at 350F for 12min.
 All neatly trimmed.
As the hearts baked, I started on the cream filling.  There were two filling recipes I was eyeing, and I went for the one that didn't make me have to go to the grocery store.  The other one called for marshmallow fluff.
Whisk 1/2c of milk and 2T of flour in a small sauce pan over medium heat.  The milk and flour will make a pasty gravy.  Remove from the heat and allow to cool to room temperature.
Cream 1/2c shortening (I used 1/3c) and 1/2c granulated sugar.  Add the pasty/gravy stuff and beat on high for 5min.  Add 1/2t vanilla (I used clear vanilla to keep it nice and white) and 1/2c powdered sugar.
Continue beating until fluffy.  I added the filling to a piping bag with a large star tip.  Easiest way to fill the bag when the kids aren't around is to drape the bag over a cup and pull the wide edge of the bag over the side of the cup.
I searched high and low for that device that cores cupcakes and then decided I must not have ever bought one, so I used my smallest flower cookie cutter to remove some of the middle of the heart.  If you are at this step and made cupcakes, core from the top of the cupcake.
 If you can't even find a smallest flower cutter, just pinch out the center of the heart.
 Fill the centers with the cream- kind of burst at the seams:
 All filled and ready to seal:
 To keep the bottom of the heart from drying out, we are going to seal it with a coat of warm chocolate icing.  Again, make your favorite or just use this kind.  I added about a 1/4 cup of mini chocolate chips to the chocolate icing.
 Dunk the bottom of the heart:
 For cupcakes, dunk the top of the cupcake and let it set until ready for piping. For the hearts, let the icing on the bottom of the heart set firm enough that it won't stick to wax paper.  Don't be impatient- this will seal the moisture inside.  
 Then coat the tops with the warm melted icing/chocolate chip mixture.  Pour it thick enough that it covers evenly and drips down the side over all edges.  You can scrape off any excess and rewarm for the next batch, but be careful not to scorch by rewarming too many times.
Let the hearts set.  I mean really set.  You don't want your thumb print in the side and when I say impatient, I am talking about myself.  So I left to make a swirly pattern in the snow.
When I came home, they were plenty ready for piping.  Pipe the little white swirl or "love" with vanilla frosting.  For something like this, I use a Ziplock bag with a spoonful of frosting and then snip one tiny corner of the bag for piping.
I think my little Ding-Dong is going to love this version of a Ding Dong.  The cream is spot-on.  Wow.  Go your heart out!

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  1. So cute!! Great idea for Valentine's Day! I am just stopping by from the Monday Funday link up and thought I would show some love!


  2. These look delicious! I love how they turned out!

  3. These look so adorable and delicious! I'm exactly like you - I often think that I have a certain cookie cutter so I'll look high and low for it only to realize that I never actually had the cutter in the first place. Ooops!

  4. These are great. I love this idea and it just so happens I have a heart shaped mold. Perfect. PS: I came over via #foodiescraftiessoiree

  5. stopping by from Soiree Blog Hop. This is wonderful!

  6. These are terrific! Pinning! Thanks for linking up at the Foodie & Crafties Soiree! See you next week!

  7. Carrie, These are prettier than the real thing. You never quit amazing me. I am truly your biggest fan.
    Pinned and featuring on Treasure Box Tuesday.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  8. These are so cute! I too adore Hostess cupcakes but would love to make some Valentine's Day homemade goodies! Pinned!

  9. These look delicious! thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh Yum. Making me hungry right about now.
    I don't have a heart shaped mold so guess that will give me an excuse to go shopping. :}
    Maybe a person, if you didn't have small cookie cutter to cut out the center, maybe a melon baller would work to scoop out the center of the heart.
    Thank you

  11. Ok, I couldn't wait till tomorrow to go shopping for a heart mold and just Had to make these today; so instead I mixed up my favorite homemade brownie mix and using a heart shaped cookie cutter I cut the hearts out and went from there. :}

    1. You can make them as cupcakes without a heart shaped mold. Hope they turn out well for you!

  12. i've never had ding dongs, but these look amazing!

  13. These are fabulous! Seriously, absolutely adorable! And I absolutely love the way you have written out "love" to look like the loops on the store bought cupcakes. Definitely pinning! :)

    Debbie @ One Little Project

  14. My goodness, I can't help but let my mouth water while reading this post!
    They look so easy to make!^
    Thank you for sharing this!

    Kind regards from Denmark,
    Aysha @

  15. These are absolutely adorable! & they look/sound delicious.

  16. I agree that these are absolutely adorable! I really want to try these now! I must get some heart molds.

  17. These look amazing! Thanks for linking up at the Foodies & Crafties Soiree. This is my featured pin from the week. I can't wait to make these for my kids!

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    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you! Happy Friday!


  19. How fun are these! I love it; not to mention they look delicious too! Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. These look great. I fear I may be too impatient to make them but will def be pinning.

  21. Wow these look amazing! :-) Pinning these and checking them out from I should be mopping the floor link party!

  22. Love the recipe & the snow! I live in Michigan and it is 11 degrees…total heat wave right now. ;) I come w/ great news…I will be featuring your cakes on @ our Inspiration Monday!! Thanks so much for linking up!

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    Ginger @

  24. Really cute and clever but I know I wouldn't have the patience to make, lol.

  25. I will be making these! But I'm really impressed with your swirly snow!!! :)

  26. These are so fun. I featured it in my Friday Five - Valentine's Day addition 3 from Feed Your Soul Too - Peter @Feed Your Soul Too

  27. You inspired me to make cupcakes and although the ones I posted

    were not cream filled, I did indeed make the cream filled ones. They didn't turn out looking great, but they sure tasted great! I hope I will have the courage to try it again!

    Thanks for your inspiration!!

  28. My goodness, I can't help but let my mouth water while reading this post!
    They look so easy to make!^
    Thank you for sharing this!
    اضغط هنا
    اضغط هنا

  29. It would be even easier if I could buy my own filling - is there anything I could buy to pipe in the middle?

  30. Can't wait to try your recipe! Pinned for later. Theresa @DearCreatives



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