Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Wreath

 Not ready to put away all of the holiday decor?  Dress down your holiday wreath for the month of January!  I put together this red and silver wreath a couple of years ago and stripped it back down to swap out the ball ornaments with colors that better suit my home decor.

 Here is a version of the wreath without the bow and with a few blue picks for more color:
 You can see how I made in bow in this post from the winter wreath I made last year.  Just gather 5 loops and secure at the ends.  The two long streamers are two long strips of ribbon secured on the end with a floral pick and inserted into the wreath, under the bow.  The burlap wired ribbon was twisted to shape curls.
 The little ice skates are tree ornaments I found in a boutique shop several years ago.  Here is the same wreath dressed up a little more with picks and peacocks:
Do you keep some of your decor around for January or stash it all away for next year?

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