Monday, December 23, 2013

Spread some Holiday Cheer with Chocolate Mini Cakes

I've been making these snowman mini cakes for 3 years.  The snowmen are fun to dress up or down.  This year, I added the gingerbread man and tree mini cake pan to my collection to make this set of individual chocolate cakes- fun to serve as dessert or leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.

 The cake pans are made by Wilton.  The mini cakes are always a big hit, so I've been adding more of the mini pans.  It's best to find them on clearance after the holiday.  Fill the cake pan 3/4 full with chocolate cake batter.
You can level off the cakes by slicing across the tops with a sharp serrated knife.
 Melt some chocolate frosting so you can pour it over the tops of the gingerbread man cakes:
The melted frosting will cover evenly- giving you a nice smooth finish as it sets.  Make sure to coat the sides as well.  I place a plastic mat under the rack to catch the excess frosting to reuse & rewarm for the next set of gingerbread men.
 Place candies for the buttons while the frosting is still wet:
 As the chocolate sets, start with the trees.  Dip just the trunk in the melted chocolate frosting.
 The pipe the tree with green frosting.  You could use a star tip or #233 like the one photoed.  Place candy sprinkles for the lights and ornaments on the trees.
 For the snowmen, I melted vanilla frosting and poured over the top:
The vanilla gave the snowmen and nice coating, but I could still see the chocolate cake beneath, so I piped more frosting on the sides, dunked in white sanding sugar and then piped the tops and dunked in white sanding sugar.  The snowmen really sparkle!
Place candy sprinkles for the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.  The hats and scarves are shaped using gum paste.  You could also pipe the hats and scarves.  Pipe the white trim on the gingerbread men.
The gingerbread men are a lot like Ding Dongs.  You could easily fill with white cream from the underside of the gingerbread men and then dunk the bottoms in the melted chocolate frosting to seal before pouring the melted frosting over the tops.
I think Santa will be full of cookies before the end of the night, so cake might be a welcomed switch served with a nice cold glass of milk!


  1. I was looking at the Party Bunch Link and looked at two of your posts (I guess that means I need to subscribe) :) ....This one and the macaroons. I live in France, (we are American) and need to learn how to make macaroons so I'm glad you did the dirty work for me. Thanks! I want to make bunny head shaped macaroons, that I saw somewhere on the internet, for my little girl's birthday party. So thank you for what you do!



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