Friday, December 6, 2013

Interior of Gingerbread House

 Before the rooftop assembly, I took the gingerbread house outside to snap a few photos as the sun was just rising.  It had snowed a good 3-4" over night.  The next photo makes me want to move into the house and curl up by the fire to admire the almost floor-to-ceiling decorated Christmas tree.

Breakfast is already on the table:  porridge and hot cocoa.  It's hard to tell, but the spoons are even hand painted with edible silver spray.  The tables and stools are baked gingerbread.  The rest of the accents are made from gum paste.
 From the outside, looking in:
The back of the gingerbread house.  The string of lights around the house were made by piping a string of green frosting the carefully placing candy coated mini-chips with tweezers.  It's not easy to grip that shiny finish with tweezers! 
 The dog is buried in a snow cave.
 View into the living room:
 View into the tree from the back of the gingerbread house:
 To see how I designed and baked the house, click here.
To see how the figures and accents were made, click here.
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  1. Gorgeous! And way too much work for me ;-) But that's the kind of gingerbread house my mom used to make. She would build scale-models of church buildings.

  2. Oh my word! It gets more detailed & amazing! My jaw is on the ground.

  3. This is amazing! I am pinning! Thank you so much for linking up with The Party Bunch.



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