Saturday, December 21, 2013

Decorated & Lit 3D Cookie House

With our big gingerbread house auctioned off for charity, I decided we'd scale back a gingerbread house project for the kids this year.  We made chocolate sugar cookie dough and used our gingerbread house cookie cutter and a square cookie cutter to create this 3D lit up mini house- perfectly kid sized.

 The chocolate sugar cookie recipe can be found here and belongs to the lovely Lilaloa.  This dough is perfect for "gingerbread house" making because it doesn't puff and spread very much- similar to gingerbread dough, but tastier than gingerbread.
Here is how the sides stack out:  I trimmed the chimney, cut the windows, and squared off the sides of the house prior to baking.  2 house cookies- one for front, one for back.  2 sides and 2 roofs.
 I find it is easier to decorate before assembly, so each side was decked with boughs of holly and the windows were lined on the inside edge with snow.
It's okay if there are some gaps at the roof, as it is easy to fill in with frosting or royal icing.  
 Kids make them best.
The chocolate cookie trees were piped with green frosting.  Before I piped the white frosting (snow) around the perimeter of the house, I added a battery powered tea light.
 The light flickers like a warm fire glow from the inside of the house.  You can see the light from all 4 sides.

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