Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I've loved warm gingersnaps from the oven since I was a kid.  This spicy, chewy cookie takes me back to my childhood more than any other treat.  These cookies make me think of walking home through the leaves on a cold Fall day and arriving home from school just as the cookies were coming out of the oven.  It had been years since I made them, so I asked my mom to take a photo from the cookbook and send it to me.

I add a little extra ginger and cloves to this recipe for a little more spice.  After mixing the dough, scoop and form into small balls.
 Roll each ball in granulated sugar and place on a baking sheet.
The recipe calls for a 375F oven.  I bake them at 350F and remove from the oven just as the tops begin to crack so that the cookies stay soft.
 Remove and cool.
 My kids love them as much as I did as a kid.
 This batch was gone in only a couple of days.
Do you like gingersnap cookies?  Soft & chewy or hard & crispy?


  1. I found you through the Christmas Cookie Exchange. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. They are delicious!

  2. Ginger molasses cookies are my favorite holiday cookie, and I love the puffy, sugary, crackle-y look of these!



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