Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monster Cookies & Spider Web Cookies

I try to do something different each holiday.  Last year, I made cauldrons for the first time using an upside down Santa head cookie cutter.  I was looking through my cookie cutters to come up with something new to me:  a flower for the spider webs and a carrot for the One-Eyed-Long-Horned-Flying-Purple-People-Eaters.

 Pipe and fill your cookies.  I made these with the Haunted House set here.
 After filling the purple base for the Purple People Eaters, take a tooth pick and pick at the royal icing to create a raised texture.  The one eye is a small square cookie with a black eyeball piped on top.  Place the small eyeball cookie.  Pipe the middle of the green horn and let it set for a few minutes before piping the top and bottom to keep the spiral look of the horn.  Pipe a mouth.
 For the spider webs using a flower cookie cutter, pipe a straight black line from one outer petal all the way across to another petal.  Continue until all of the petals are connected.
Then pipe a "U" connecting the lines.  I piped the black webs using black frosting in a Ziplock bag with the corner snipped.
 The whole set:
Now, if I had been smart, I would have baked a fresh batch of cookies for this set of Halloween cookies.  Sometimes I save a few cookies from a previous batch to play with later.  I have to make about 60 cookies for classroom parties by Thursday and this set was just for fun/decor.  I could have been half way done!

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