Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wood Sign with Fall Bunting

I spent part of the rainy weekend prepping walls for painting.  Luckily, we weren't hit with any of the flooding happening in other mountain towns in Colorado.  I've experienced living near a small creek-turned-raging-river while I was in college, so I was a little concerned with the creek that runs behind my house (just behind this fall sing) and how much rainfall it would take to threaten my home.
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While rummaging around the garage locating supplies to spackle nail holes, I was kicking around 2 pieces of plywood left over from my storage bench project from a year ago.  It's like I shouted "squirrel!!!" and returned inside with the plywood, wood stain and a foam brush...
A fall sign making project would be much more fun than prepping to paint a wall! After staining the plywood with a dark wood stain, I found these two over-sized clothes pins to stain:
 When the clothes pins dried, I attached them to the stained plywood using Command adhesive strips.
The clothes pins would be the perfect anchor for a new fall bunting made of the drop cloth I was intending to use as an actual drop cloth had I continued on with the wall painting.
 I used an old bunting triangle as a pattern and cut 4 triangles on the hemmed edge of the drop cloth.
 Next, I trimmed some fall circles from a piece of scrap book paper and cut the letters F-A-L-L out of another scrap book paper.
 I used decoupage to adhere the scrapbook paper to the drop cloth bunting.
I cut apart a couple of necklaces to use the beads to string with the bunting and attached the bunting with ity-bity clothes pins.
That's it!  It's a pretty versatile sign to easily interchange bunting and banners for others needs after fall.  
Wait 'til you see the next post and what I made with the other piece of scrap plywood!

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  1. You did a great job! I've bought these signs from Target before but you have inspired me to create my own! New follower!



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