Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dog Party!

Here is my daughter's ninth birthday party!  I have to say, the party was a snap.  Two hours flew with 6 cousins, 3 best friends and a brother.  The party prep was another story.  Two and a half hours of Back-to-School night threw a wrench into the baking schedule Thursday evening, but we pulled it off.  For all of the party details, keep reading.

The blue drinks are Jones sodas with the labels removed and replaced with a red ribbon dog collar and cut out dog heads.  The sugar cookies were baked and decorated Wednesday.  You can see that post here.  I used the Jones soda holders as "fetch stick" holders by placing a piece of blue card stock over the printed front.
My daughter requested chocolate cupcakes and a white cake, so I baked the cake and cupcakes Saturday morning.  I had decorated these dog cupcakes for my son's 8th birthday.  I clicked to my blog for the quick reminder and decorated 10 pretty quickly.  The puppy food bowls are filled with M&Ms and Skittles.
 You can find the dog cupcake how-to, here.
I talked my daughter out of the initial request to make a wiener dog cake and steered her towards a dog house cake.  I'll post the construction of the dog house this week.
Ahhhhh, French Macarons.  These pretty red and blue macarons were baked Friday night.  I've gotta say, this was my 2nd attempt at French Macarons and I feel like they turned out better as far as appearance and flavor, but the shells were a bit hallow this time.  My first batch is here and is the most viewed post on my blog.
More fetch sticks using another Jones soda holder and pretzels with Jiff Peanut Butter to-go packs for dipping.  Dogs love peanut butter, right?  
The "doggie bag" party bags are simple white lunch bags, folded at the top with a strip of blue ribbon around the entire bag and a doggie bag tag clamped with a mini clothes pin.
 Monday night:  "Oh, you want your party THIS Saturday??"
Tuesday night:  Dog cake toppers
Wednesday (half day home with a sick kid):  Bake and decorate sugar cookies
Thursday (late) night:  Treat bags
Friday night:  French Macarons, Sodas, Pinwheels, Fetch Stick holders, party treat labels
Saturday:  Cake, cupcakes, cake doghouse, set-up
The kids had fun with a Treasure Hunt leading them to the table of treats.  The clues were all dog related- sending them around the neighborhood to fire hydrants, an ultimate Frisbee net, water hose, and even dog waste bags off the bike path.
This is a really fun gender neutral party- good for both the girl and boy party attendees (even though the boys were out numbered 3:1).  
Party styling, party decor, printables, and baked treats were made by me.  For more parties from Worth Pinning, please click here.

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  1. everything looked soooo great! the cake, the cookies..every detail...xo



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