Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gum Paste Dog Figure

I am going to be dog-gone busy this week.  My daughter decided she wants to host her early birthday party this Saturday.  I got a jump last night making the sides of the dog house for the top of her cake, along with a couple of the dog figures.  The white dog is made with gum paste and the brown dog is made with Tootsie Roll and Starburst.
Continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial.
Here are the supplies I used to create the dogs:  Tootsie Roll for the body, pink Starburst for inside the ears and tongue, black sugar pearls for the eyes, black round sprinkle for the nose, Xacto knife and sculpting tools.
 Here is a step-by-step creating the Tootsie Roll dog: 
I didn't photograph the process of making the white dog, but it was the same basic idea.   I used a sharp tool to make the fur indentations.  The gum paste is a little more spongy to work with than the shiny Tootsie Roll.  The Tootsie Roll body began to slump a bit, so I changed the position of the dog's head.  The dog looks much better lying down.  The bowl was sculpted from the remaining pink Starburst.  The dog food is crumbs of dried chocolate fondant.
Coming up...dog house cake topper, dog house sugar cookies, dog cupcakes, dog cake pops...we'll see how much we can pull off by Saturday.

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