Monday, August 19, 2013

Do you know your DNA?

There are some parts of the world you can only see with your own eyes if your body can get you there.  Each time I step on a trail, I am so thankful for the life and fitness level I have that enables me to see such wondrous sights, take in such crisp clean air and bask in alpine meadows filled with wildflowers.  Part of my real life job involves taking people to such places- people of all ages and stages in life.

Health and fitness is very important in my life.  Hiking for 5 hours or biking for 3 hours is what I consider play time.  I'm more likely to trail run for 2 hours than sit through a 2 hour movie.  I can easily turn down bacon for a smoothie and will happily eat a salad instead of a greasy burger.  I think everyone has (and is entitled to) their own opinion of what's too much or too little food, exercise, or not enough fruits and veggies.

Beyond lifestyle choices, we all have inherent health risks.  What if you could find out your genetic risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and even Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and certain cancers?  Would it change some of the choices you make in your daily life or plans for the future?  How much is it worth for you to know?  Continue reading here.

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