Friday, June 7, 2013

Create a business card using your treats

It wasn't until after I took photos of these cupcakes that I thought...Hmmmmm...that would make a nice looking business card...should I ever need a business card.

This set of cupcakes was embellished with pretty little sugar pearls.
For instructions on how to decorate, scroll below.
Start by baking a batch of your favorite cupcakes.  We chose white cake so you can see the pretty pastel cupcakes liners.  If you prefer chocolate cupcakes, the foiled lined papers work the best.
 The mini-cupcake liners are pink, purple, blue and green, so I mixed buttercream frosting to match.
I like to roll my frosting in plastic wrap first.  Secure it with a piece of tape in the middle and on one end.  Thread the loose end through the decorator bag with coupler.  Pull the plastic end through and then snip the extra plastic wrap with scissors.  Place the tip and coupler on the end of the bag and you're all set.  Cleanup is a snap and you can switch out colors using the same decorating bag.  I mixed 4 colors and used one decorating bag.
Using a Wilton #18 tip, pipe around the edge of the cupcake first by applying a bit of pressure and to release the frosting and then releasing the pressure as you pull the tip away from the cupcake.  For the minis, start at the outer edge of the cupcake and spiral the frosting to the center.
Sprinkle the frosted tops of the minis with white, pink, blue and green sugar pearls.
For the regular sized cupcakes, carefully place a sugar pearl (using a pair of tweezers) in the center of each "spike" of frosting for a softer look:
Never underestimate the usefulness of post-holiday candy clearance.  I picked up this bag of pastel candy corn *just in case* I could figure out something to do with them this spring.  The pastel colors make beautiful flower petals.  Can't find pastel colored candy corn?  You make the same shape by cutting a piece of Starburst candy and molding it in your hand.  Flavored (orange, lemon, lime, cherry, vanilla) Tootsie Rolls also work well.  
Place 7 candy corn with the tips meeting in the center of the cupcake. Then pipe a big frosting dot in the center and place more sugar pearls to finish the cupcake.
I love all of the flowers blooming this time of year.  Especially blooming cupcakes.

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