Thursday, June 13, 2013

Berry Blast Smoothie

I've been making smoothies for breakfast most mornings- usually taking a day or two off to switch it up with some egg whites.  I've even gone crazy...on say, a Saturday morning...and I'll make an omelet with a side of bacon.  I find when I start the day with nothing but goodness, I make it a challenge to figure out the healthiest way to eat for the remainder of the day.  This smoothie will get your day stared with a blast of berry and a bunch of other good things like Omega3s, plenty of antioxidants and even good-for-your-digestion probiotics.

At minimum, my smoothies include juice, ground flaxseed, powdered super greens and 3-4 different kinds of fresh fruit.  In addition, I'll add fresh cut pineapple, a scoop of chia seeds, handful of baby kale and/or spinach and a scoop of protein powder.
When making smoothies, it is a good idea to have a general idea of the amount of calories you are stuffing into the blender.  I know a serving of the super greens and ground flaxseed = about 100 calories.  My juice base is approximately 130 calories/cup, so I can add or subtract easily by diluting the juice with water and/or ice.  Berries are anywhere from 32-42 calories per half cup.  Protein powder can add another 90-130 calories and kale/spinach might add another 50 calories.
The great thing about blending a smoothie is all of the extra nutrients you can "hide" in there!  Surprisingly filling, by the time I look up from my desk hungry for lunch- it is way beyond noon.

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