Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Afternoon of SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is all of the rage lately.  You'll see SUPers on the river, on lakes, in ponds and even at the local pool.  If you're looking for a fun new summer activity, this is a fun one for all ages.  Take it up a notch and try SUP Yoga.  SUP Yoga requires a little more balance and a lot more core than your typical studio yoga class, but it is such a blast!
Tips if you're new to SUP Yoga:  wear comfortable yoga clothing.  On moving water- like a river with rapids- safety first:  wear a PFD, helmet and appropriate water shoes.  You'll need to be more aware of rocks and currents than SUPing on a lake, pond or pool.  Keep in mind, certain yoga attire fabrics do not offer full coverage when exposed to direct bright sunlight.  You may not want your half moon to become a full moon.  Slather yourself with sunscreen and grab your board and paddle!
There are many types of boards out there.  The inflatable SUP boards are easy to transport and store.  Hard plastic boards offer more stability.  Fiberglass boards offer more speed.  Determine your needs and try out the different styles to find the right fit for your SUPing and SUP yoga practice.
Your paddle can rest laterally near the top of your board as you work your way into poses.  You'll discover a more stable base in wider poses like downward facing dog and even crow.
As you come to mid-line poses (like any of the warrior poses), you really have to find the center of your board to maintain your lateral balance.
Upward facing dog:
Going up for a tripod headstand.  Once I found the sweet spot on the board, I made it all with way up with feet in the air.

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