Monday, May 20, 2013

Miss Me Brownies

My son asked if I'd make him brownies as he packed for a 3-day camp for school this week.  How cool is it that they get to do 2 overnights at a camp where they will rock climb, do ropes courses, canoe, kayak, hike, archery, sit around the campfire, etc.?  Of course I'd bake brownies!
It couldn't be just a standard brownie.  He'll be gone for 3 days.  I needed to make a batch of "miss me" brownies.

Top left to right:  brownie batter + mini marshmallows (if you haven't added marshmallows to your brownies, start doing it now...makes them super chewy).  Middle left to right:  add chocolate chip cookie dough + add M&Ms.  Bottom left to right:  Bake 365F for 55min + Serve!
These brownies are to-die-for out of the oven while the chocolate is still melty.
After cuddling up to me all night long, he had his pack on his back, sleeping bag in one hand, pillow in the other hand and hydration pack at his feet within 5 minutes of waking up this morning.
I wrapped a few brownies and stuck them in his pack.  Hope he has a blast!


  1. What brownie mix do you recommend? Or do you make it from scratch? Thanks! My stomach is growling looking at these pictures.

  2. Betty Crocker Supreme - only one I use. I like it better than from scratch.

  3. Making these today! Can't wait to see how delicious they are!



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