Friday, April 5, 2013

Wreath Re-do

I haven't cared for the red wreath below for quite some time.  I bought it on clearance after Christmas one year.  Seemed like a grown-up thing to do to buy a wreath.   I stuck it on the front door after Christmas as a transition wreath through Valentine's Day.  I've really gotten into wreath making in the last several months, but so far all the wreaths are too nice to stick on the exterior door.  Since I didn't care much for the red wreath, I decided to tear it apart once I took it down from Valentine's Day.

Most of the wreath's picks were hot glued into the grapevine form, but it was easy enough to yank them from the wreath- discarding the pomegranates and pine cones.
 I started painting the red berries a nice robin blue.  It would have been a lot of blue, so I selected two more colors to mix into the wreath.
Tedious painting all sides of those berry clusters?  Yep.  It was okay to have some of the red showing through- it ages it a bit.
 Most berry picks were stuck back into the grapevine.  Some were hot glued.
There were some empty spaces after adding the berries... I decided to paint the apples green.
 I also had a faux flowering branch that I cut apart and added.
 Then I looped a yellow polka dot ribbon around the bottom of the wreath.  The wreath is on the small side and not quite the right scale for the exterior door.  I wanted to extend the size by adding a small oval plaque.
See that sticker on the front of the plaque?  I wasn't very happy about having to peel the sticker away from the wood.  I heated it with a blow dryer and still scraped a spec at a time.  The longer it took, the more ticked off I was becoming...are you serious???  I love Plaid, but c'mon- at least put the product sticker on the backside.
 This was the adhesive mess after finally get the sticker removed.  I had to sand the adhesive away.
I took my frustration out with the hammer to rough it up a little (had already planned to do this in the first place)
 Then I painted the plaque with a base coat of orange acrylic paint:
 The blue pain went on top of the orange and then I sanded it so the orange would show through:
I don't have a fancy cutting out machine (sigh), so I eyeballed a G on a piece of scrapbook paper with my Xacto.  It works.
 The G was adhered with a coating of Mod Podge:
The transformation- from winter wreath into a springy/summery wreath that will even work its way into the fall by removing the white flowers:
Supplies:  You can recreate this wreath without tearing apart an existing wreath.  You'll need a grapevine form, different colored berry picks, apples or other fruit, artificial flower stem(s)/leaves, ribbon, wooden plaque, hot glue/gun.
I attached the G plaque to the yellow ribbon with a strip of hot glue and burned the ends of the ribbon to keep the ends from fraying.  My kids seemed rather shocked when I pulled out a lighter.  "Mom, did you smoke at some time?"  I laughed.  "No, I used to have candles that you actually had to light."  All of my candles are LEDs now.
Do you have any wreaths that need a re-do?  Go ahead and restyle something that has gone a little out-of-style.

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