Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunny Sugar Cookies

Here are a few Easter Bunnies ready to deliver.  Patience really pays off with these sweet little bunny cheeks.  Come check out their coconut whiskers and baskets full of eggs.

Sugar cookie recipe here.  Royal icing can be found in the large animal mask cookie post (click photo).
Pipe and fill the bunnies.  I didn't get very far with all of the designs I wanted to do today.
Place the colored sugar pearls while the royal icing is still wet.  After the white royal icing sets a bit, pipe two circles for the bunny cheeks.  I added a few silver sugar specs for detail:
For the non-sugar peal eye bunnies, I sprayed a few pieces of angel hair pasta with Silver Food Color Spray to use for bunny whiskers.
 Pipe white circles for the whites of the eyes and place black round sprinkle for the eyeball.
Pipe the inner ear and sprinkle with pink sanding sugar.  These bunnies were topped with carrots in their mouths.
 All 3 styles:
 The baskets are piped with brown frosting, green frosting for grass and round sprinkles for the eggs:
Happy Easter!


  1. Carrie,
    You've done it again. Cutiest Easter Bunny Cookies I've ever seen! I shared them on Facebook and I'm pinning them. Your amazing. I hope to see you at Tuesday Trivia @
    Happy Easter,
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  2. These are too cute for words! I love what you did with the sugar pearls, and the 3d detail on their cheeks is adorable! Great work, thx for sharing. -Allie,

  3. Those are awesome! I can't wait to try them next year :)


  4. Oh my gosh! These are absolutely adorable!

  5. These are so adorable! I wish I could decorate cookies like this... my cookie baking skills are about limited to drop cookies.

    I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

  6. I wish I had the patience for sugar cookies. I just don't have that virtue. Love them! Thanks so much for sharing it on Two Cup Tuesday at Pint Sized Baker . I hope to see you again on Monday night.

  7. Adorei a postagem! Para quem gosta de culinária, MÃOS A OBRA!! <3



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