Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Owl Sugar Cookies

Penguins weren't the only birds popping up last week.  While my son selected penguins for his 10th birthday, we were also celebrating my niece's 1st birthday with owls!  I used the photo below to create the party invitations:

The owls feathers were made of frosting- smearing pink and blue on plastic wrap and rolled up inside a decorating bag.  As you squeeze the frosting, both colors should appear and even mix together a bit for some purple.
Pipe a dot of frosting then then place a untensil handle in the center and drag the frosting towards yourself.  Inspiration from The Barefoot Baker can be found here.  Her bright colored owl cookies are so fun!
Repeat with the next line- adding dots and then dragging the center of the frosting towards yourself until you reach the head of the owl:
 For the wings, I made squiggly lines back and forth.
 Place the eyes.  You can pipe white circles and add black eyeballs with a white highlight.  I had left over mini-round cookies from the Tic-Tac-Toe chalkboard cookies, so I placed a black royal icing eyeball and adhered the eyes to the owl with a dab of frosting.
 The beaks and feet were piped with yellow-orange frosting.
 The party hats were not attached to the owl- just resting on top of their heads and matching the cupcakes cookies.
Since it is so close to Valentine's Day and the kids helped me decorate these cookies, the final photo is for them!
Next up is the bright blue smash cake to go with the owl cookies!

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