Monday, February 11, 2013

Penguin Sugar Cookies

As kids grow and their interests change in sports, friends, toys/games, reading material, personal style and clothing, etc, a few things remain the same.  For my son, it is his love of penguins and the Packers (not sure how he became at Packers fan in a family full of Broncos fans) remains.  Who knows what kids will pick up on and why they are drawn to certain interests over others.  For these cookies, I used an egg shaped cookie cutter.  Sugar cookie recipe can be found here.

Pipe a white belly for the penguin.  Allow the white to dry and then pipe and flood the black body of the penguin.
As long as the penguins are drying, pipe some white circles and smaller black circles to use as the penguins' eyes.  You can place the eyes while the black royal icing is still wet on the penguin or attach later with a small dab of icing or frosting.
Place the eyes.
Pipe orange beaks.  If you are using the penguins soon, you can pipe with frosting in a Ziploc (which is less work than prepping the royal icing).  If not serving immediately, the oil in the frosting will bleed the colors beneath.
That's all there is to it!  Soft sugar cookies with sweet crunchy icing.
One thing did change- besides the penguin getting a little chopped off the top, so did my son.  I always tell him he looks a little older with shorter hair.  He is now...he turned double digits over the weekend and soon you'll see his penguin cake.  Click here to see the cake!


  1. My little guy loves penguins too! Something about the way they waddle around! These are darling!

  2. How adorable, you've done it again. So much talent! Hope you'll come over to link up at
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  3. Your penguins are perfection! So cute!

  4. So stinking cute! Great job!!!!

  5. La-la-la-Love! These are so fun! Thanks for sharing at Two Cup Tuesday at <a href = ">Pint Sized Baker </a>. I hope to see you again there tomorrow night!



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